HKMU RemoteApps

What is RemoteApps?

At HKMU, RemoteApps leverage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology to enable staff to (a) run specific software on their desktop computers from any location, without requiring the installation of the software, and (b) access to specific application systems off-campus. This solution offers a reliable way for HKMU staff to access specific applications they need to perform their work, increasing flexibility and productivity.

How to Connect HKMU RemoteApps under MS Windows?

RemoteApps can be accessed from a Web browser running on MS Windows 10 or above with the steps below:

  1. Click the "Logon Now" button below and logon with your staff username and password
  2. Click the application system you want to use
  3. The browser will download a specific file (xxxx.rdp, where xxxx is different for different application)

    e.g. For Chrome browser

  4. Open the file and click Connect
  5. You will be prompted for another logon
  6. Enter your staff user name in the format of  username@staffdmn  (e.g. if your user name is cchan, the format will be cchan@staffdmn) and password again

Detailed Instructions for different platforms:

  1. For Windows using Chrome or Firefox web browser
  2. For MacOS
  3. Android and iOS/iPadOS devices are not supported

What RemoteApps Programs are currently avaliable?


In-Campus access

Off-Campus access



Software On-Demand

     Microsoft Office 2021


     Microsoft Office 2016


     Microsoft Visio 2013


     Microsoft Project 2013


     Adobe Photoshop CC


     Adobe Acrobat DC


     Adobe Acrobat XI Pro


     IBM SPSS Statistics
     (incl. Advanced and Regression)


     MindManager Pro


     iSpring Suite 8.5


     Blancco File Eraser


     NVivo 12


     Sophos Private Crypto


Special Notes

  • DO NOT SAVE files on REMOTE computer. All user files will be cleaned up when disconnected.
  • SAVE your file to your LOCAL
    computer regularly!
  • RemoteApps session will disconnect after idle for 2 hours.
  • LOGOUT / CLOSE RemoteApps session after use to release the session to other users

How to Save & Print file from RemoteApps?

The drives of your local computer will be displayed as "C on your computer name" or "D on your computer name".  You should save file there. 

The default printer of your local computer is automatically selected

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